When it comes to Texas BBQ, Meat Church is where it is at! Holy Voo Doo is Matt Pittman's version of a cajun rub, bringing out all of that southern flavor! Enjoy this on anything that needs a little kick!

All of the products offered by Meat Church give you that true Texas BBQ flavor. Pair Meat Church rubs with post oak smoke for an AWESOME BBQ experience.


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Pork Prime Rib
Texas Crutch Beef Brisket


Pulled Pork. The Big Time BBQ way!
Ryan takes you through the basics to make an awesome pulled pork. From dry rub to smoke to the final shred phase, this video shows the whole process.

Grilled Chicken Wings
Nothing is better on game day than chicken wings. The guys take you through a super simple process of they do wings on any grill!


CookPerfect Meat Thermometer with additional probe

Let's face it, when you put the time into a great butt, chicken, turkey, or prime rib, you want it to turn out right. If you can only have ONE good tool in your BBQ arsenal, it needs to be a great thermometer.

Why not have the perfect thermometer?

CookPerfect is the answer.

This Value Pack includes a 2nd probe as demonstrated by the guys.

Check out the guys' review of the CookPerfect below...