Life happens... Smoke On!

Smoking during the week doesn't have to be hard!

One common misconception shared among many home pitmasters is the thought that good BBQ can only happen on the weekends. We all get caught in the activities of life through the week. Work, school, soccer practice, the laundry needs done, the yard needs mowed, the garage needs cleaned; It all adds up! Put two or three of these things together and that hot and ready pizza looks pretty good...

Its important to remember that BBQ is not just about the destination. Its also about the journey. While its simply not possible to smoke a pork shoulder after a long day at work, there are plenty of recipes that work any given Tuesday. So fire up your Traeger, Weber Kettle, Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, or whatever you have and get after these 40 minute chops!


Smoked Bone-in Pork Chops

Quick and easy meal for any night of the week! 

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: Approximately 40 minutes


* Bone in pork chops, 1”-1.5” thick

* Your favorite rub

* Your favorite sauce


Step 1: Light the grill!

* Prepare the grill/smoker for slow smoking at 250 degrees. This is the perfect temperature to get some nice smoke flavor without drying out the meat! 

* Once the grill is up to temp, place a few chunks of your favorite wood for pork. We used 2 pieces of hickory, although fruit woods work well, too! 

Step 2: Prep the chops

* Pat the chops dry with a paper towel and then liberally coat both sides of the pork chops with your favorite rub. We used Honey Hog BBQ by Meat Church and added a little bit of Hot BBQ Rub by Killer Hogs on top for some additional color and heat! This combo is available here and is one of our favorites for CHOPS!



Step 3: Smoke the chops! 

* Place the chops over direct heat. This will speed up the process compared to a traditional indirect smoke. Pay attention to the temperature. If the temp exceeds degrees for too long it can dry out the chops.

* Insert a probe thermometer if you have one. We used the Thermoworks Dot! If you don't have a probe thermometer, a traditional meat thermometer will work well. Check the temperature after 20 minutes on the grill and accordingly thereafter. 

* Set the thermometer to go off at 140 degrees. 

* Close the lid and let the smoker do its work!

* Give the chops a flip following 20 minutes of cook time. 


Step 4: The sauce!

* When the thermometer hits 140 Degrees Fahrenheit, glaze your pork chops with your favorite sauce and let them rise to 145 Degrees Fahrenheit. We used Blue’s Hog Original BBQ Sauce!

Step 5: Rest and EAT! 

· When the chops reach 145 Degrees Fahrenheit, pull them off the grill.

· Let them rest for about 3-5 minutes before serving.

· Dig in!  

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