Killer Hogs BBQ Rub COMBO pack



Try both of these rubs on your next rib smoke! The sweet southern flavor in THE BBQ rub and the bite of the pepper in THE HOT rub make this combo a winner!

 Killer Hogs THE BBQ Rub is an all purpose BBQ rub that is especially good on chicken and pork. BBQ Ribs, pork butts, steaks and chops all love this BBQ Rub.

The Killer Hogs Championship BBQ team uses this rub as their go to tool for winning BBQ competitions all across the country. This rub combines the perfect balance of sugars and spices for a bark that is unmatched for a BBQ Rub. Add this Killer flavor to the perfect mahogany color produced and you're sure to win any competition or party you cook for.

Killer Hogs The HOT BBQ RUB takes things to the next level. This formula was born from Killer Hogs THE BBQ RUB. Simply put, its Malcom Reed's awesome recipe with a shot of heat! Perfect for pork, chicken, ribs, and beef. The Killer Hogs Championship BBQ Team uses this awesome rub to win competitions nationwide. You can be the champion of your next smoke or grill with this Killer BBQ rub.

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